About the Event

Join us for an upcoming sustainability seminar hosted by Sodexo and focused on sharing the insights, initiatives, and inspired engagement behind the global Better Tomorrow Plan.

Experience See firsthand how sustainability is shaping business in the communities where we operate through a learning journey.

Achieve Learn from expert presenters and workshops leaders how to put sustainability to work for you and your business.

Engage Network with participants from diverse sectors to exchange strategies for leading change.

Learning Journey: $150

Sustainability Seminar: $175

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Who Should Attend

Sodexo employees, clients, and suppliers engaged in providing and promoting sustainable solutions for schools, colleges, corporations, government institutions, health care facilities, senior living communities, and leisure destinations.

What People Are Saying

  • “After attending the seminar with my client, we did a total walk through of all our operations to see where we could take our sustainability measures to new heights including water conservation, reduction in electricity, and increased composting and segregation of recyclable refuse.” – Thomas Beres, Sodexo @ Networks
  • “We were able to develop a lunch-and-learn partnering with the client’s corporate responsibility group and now feature a sustainable and locally grown menu with the help of a vendor that I met at the seminar.” – Bobbi Garland, Sodexo @ The Hershey Co.
  • “From one of the seminar workshops I attended, we were able to introduce a new way to promote our healthy options in the dining program and we’ve seen a 16% increase in our customers selecting healthier options in the last six months.” – Greg Alfree, Sodexo @ Quincy Retirement Community
  • “My client attended the seminar and the learning and the engagement was tremendous for them. The best practices and work place solutions were very valuable and opened doors to high level sustainability conversations.” – Tracey Riddle @ Toyota North American Sales
  • “We installed three bottle filling stations on water fountains to raise awareness of the bottled water issue. We installed a stand-alone domestic hot water system in an effort to move toward shuttering our central boiler for all but the heating season. We also posted reminders at faucets, light switches, etc. to prod building users to turn off lights and to report leaking faucets. Finally, we continued our effort to place sustainability and education front and center during new student orientation by holding sustainability learning modules during one afternoon of the week long orientation.” – Brian Schultes, Sodexo @ Clarke University
  • “After the seminar, we integrated sustainability goals into our client executive review process. We have presented to the client on sustainable seafood sourcing, packaging reduction strategies, and increased recycling efforts throughout the building. As a result, our paper cost alone has decreased by $20,000 annually.” – Tracy Hart, Sodexo @ Carrier Clinic East Mountain Hospital
  • “The learning journey in Southern California was fantastic. I learned a great deal about farming challenges from the organic farmer and water issues at the desalination plant. The seminar presentations were engaging and interesting. I came away from the event inspired. There is so much work to be done and so much opportunity and so many terrific people in the organization leading sustainable change.” – Lara Seng, Sodexo Marketing Manager, Campus Services